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WKA USA Nationals/North Americans/Worlds News

Richmond, VA

The Steward School—Richmond, VA

On June 26th, 2009, 120 competitors from almost 50 gyms in 17 states lined up to weigh-in for the 2009 WKA North American Combat Sports Championships. Friday evening’s check-in and weigh-ins proceeded smoothly, and fighters stepped off the scale to prepare for the next day’s tournament. Miraculously, nearly every fighter made weight on the first try, so fighters were free to leave and find their favorite meal before resting up in the event hotel. An early night for the fighters became a late night for WKA staff, who stayed up to do some sizable bracketing for the tournament as well as ring and cage setup.

The next morning, as officials busied themselves with the ring and the cage, fighters and coaches crowded around the posted bracketing charts to see their match-ups. After a few bracket modifications, and the fighters meeting given by referees Rick Mullis, Will Dorset, and Fred Corritone, the first fight bell rang at 10:45, beginning a full day of Muay Thai in the ring and MMA in the cage.

An impressive day of some of the best Muay Thai and MMA matches this year. The tournament, although long due to the number of bouts, ran relatively smoothly. All fighters seemed to come with their A-game and their camps and coaches are to be commended for the skills and sportsmanship displayed.

Although there were too many excellent competitors for such a choice, several people were voted by WKA officials as MVPs for their outstanding performance, number of fights, attitude, and sportsmanship. Kyle Hillman from Daddis Fight Camp in Philadelphia, PA was selected as the Muay Thai MVP fighter. He defeated three opponents to win the Muay Thai Open Division (-71 kg/156.2 lb). Mike Mcauley, also out of Daddis, was chosen as the MMA MVP competitor. He defeated three opponents to win the MMA Novice Division (-135) and also competed in Novice Muay Thai. Finally, Lindsey MacMhaolain of Combat Sports Center, Richmond, VA, was selected as the overall Tournament MVP. She defeated two opponents to win the Muay Thai Novice Division (-64/-118.8 lb) and one opponent to win the MMA Open Division (-125 lb). In addition, The Wat of New York won the WKA North American School MVP Award for bringing the largest group of competitors—sixteen fighters—to the Championships.

Micha Goodman of Combat Sports Center, Richmond, VA locks in a triangle in the Men’s Welterweight Open MMA Division.

The following schools brought fighters to compete:

5 Points Fitness Fukagi Richmond BJJ
Americus MA Academy Global Martial Arts Shaolin BJJ
Ardon Sweet Science Gym 445 Shidokan Atlanta
Ascension MMA Ivey League MMA Shotokan Academy
Borodin's Gym LA Boxing Sitan, PA
Bubba's Gym Leo Dalla Team Aguirre
Bushido MMA Lloyd Irvin Team Haycraft
Church Street Boxing Gym Maryland Thai Boxing Team Kamikaze
City Boxing Master K Muay Thai The Wat
Combat Sports Center Myrtle Beach MA TNT
Daddis Fight Club Nak Muay Gym Top Notch
Eastern Academy NBS Gym Ultimate Crossfit Martial Arts
Evolve Academy New World Academy Warrior Jiu-Jitsu MMA
F4F NOVA MMA Xtreme Tactics
Fight Firm Renzo Gracie Academy  

Mike Mcauley—Daddis Fight Club, Philadelphia, PA
Defeated three opponents to win the
MMA Novice Division (-135 lb)

Eric Haycraft, former WKA Champion and worldwide contributor to Muay Thai journalism
“The WKA North American Tournament continues a long history of WKA fighters, champions and epic fights. Now in 2009 after so many years many of the USA's top gyms are bringing their young fighters to this tournament in hopes of advancing to the WKA World Amateur Championships, the only true amateur World Championship available to most US fighters. As an amateur I fought for the WKA and now it is great to see the level increase as I bring my own fighters to compete. Well done WKA USA!”

Kyle Hillman—Daddis Fight Club, Philadelphia, PA
Defeated three opponents to win the
Muay Thai Open Division (-71 kg/156.2 lb)

Vladimir Borodin, former Russian National Champion
“Brian. Thanks for everything you did for our team and for the sport of Muay Thai.
Tournament was overall good. Ed Hsu did a good job too with letting everybody know when to come and take their equipment. The lady in the shorts (forgot her name) was good too always keeping the list of fights in order on the desk. Medics did tremendous job. Of course if you'd have more sponsors it would be easier for you a lot but all around I'm happy the tournament work out very smooth without accidents and arguments. I'm totally satisfied. Thanks a lot and we definitely coming next year.
Yours in Muay Thai.
Vladimir Borodin
PS If you'd allow the use of elbows covered with elbow pads it would be great too.
Osss !!!”

Lindsey MacMhaolain—Combat Sports Center, Richmond, VA
Defeated two opponents to win the
Muay Thai Novice Division (-64/-118.8 lb)
And one opponent to win the
MMA Open Division (-125 lb)

Edge Brown, former WKA World Champion "You cannot call yourself a US amateur Champion unless you win the WKA North American Championships, the best fighters in the USA fight here."

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