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Fighter of the month – Omar Ahmed
New York, NY

Omar Ahmed, most recently known as the star of TaKeOn NYC’s 8-Man Super Lightweight Professional Muay Thai Tournament, has been training Muay Thai with Sitan Gym, New York, for nine years, and at the young age of twenty-two, has accumulated an amateur record of 23-1-1 and a professional record of 4-2. He shows no signs of stopping now—his next fight is also on a TaKeOn card on December 11th, and with a goal of becoming a K-1 champion remembered as the “best to ever put on boxing gloves in the sport of Muay Thai.” Omar’s talent is undoubted, but he is fortunate in his youth in that he may have a long way to go to catch up to the likes of Raymon Dekkers and Rob Kaman. However, with this young man’s talent, he will certainly make his way up the ranks.

Martial arts is a family business for Omar. His brother got him into training, and Aziz Nabih, Omar’s coach, is his brother-in-law. Omar is the best representative fighter of Sitan, New York—its VIP, so to speak. This isn’t surprising, as Omar is a 2-time WKA US champion, a 2-time WKA North American champion, an IKF North American champion, and an IKF World champion. To earn these wins, Omar takes the basics of Muay Thai and “I advance it in my own ways and add my personality and swagger to it.” This is a man who just loves to fight. For a living, in addition to being a professional fighter, he trains others in Muay Thai, boxing, striking for MMA, and general fitness. He teaches private lessons, and though close to the Sitan family, he one day aspires to own his own gym.



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