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Felice Herrig
Crystal Lake, IL

Fe can say they have competed across the fight world like Felice Herrig. She started out competing in American kick boxing matches, took up competing in traditional boxing bouts 3 years later, and finally ventured into fighting Muay Thai. Always looking for a challenge, Felice moved on to fighting in mixed martial arts and has found continued success in this endeavor.

While women’s MMA is becoming more accepted to fight fans today, her participation in combative arts seemed predestined since a young age. Felice’s father holds black belts in several martial arts disciplines and she can’t remember a time where her father wasn’t regularly giving private lessons to karate students in the garage of their house. If her father’s influence weren’t enough, at the age of 7 her sister started dating an instructor at a karate and kickboxing school who would later become Felice’s brother-in-law. After years of watching fighters train and fight, her future brother-in-law convinced her to take her first kick boxing class when she was 18 year old. After that first class she was hooked.

Felice is a self proclaimed “gym rat” and hones her mixed martial arts skills with Team Curran out of the Chicago area. Although she comes from a stand up background, and still puts in plenty of time with her boxing coach, Doug Mango, Felice is getting world class Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Instruction from gym owner and head coach Jeff Curran. In addition, there are a group of amazing wrestlers training with Team Curran and they have also helped her in her ground game. Felice trains year round and when you add that dedication with excellent coaching and a large stable of good fighters pushing you hard, you have a future star in the fight game.

In the years that have followed that first class, Felice has fought in over 40 kickboxing matches, competed in Chuck Norris’ World Combat League, and earned a victory in the Bellator Fighting Championships. Her hard work and determination helped Felice beat the reigning WKA Women’s Pro Muay Thai champion in a 2009 non-title fight. Felice’s accomplishments have also earned her the distinction of being the first of two female fighters to be featured in Supremacy MMA, an MMA video game to be released for Xbox and Playstation3 in September 2011.

Felice would like to thank her sponsors: Alienware, Battleware Technology, Headrush Brand, No Decision, Soldier Fit, Suckerpunch Entertainment and Team Curran.

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