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Ognjen Topic
Lodi, NJ

Ognjen Topic has had a passion for Martial Arts since he began training eleven years ago. He began his relationship with the arts by studying Taekwondo which he continued training in for four years, eventually receiving his black belt certification. His love of challenges and his love to further his training brought him to the art of Muay Thai, “I like trying to figure someone out before they figure me out”. His competitive nature has helped focus his training which has resulted in a successful amateur and professional career in Muay Thai. “I have always been a competitive individual so it was just natural for me to take it to the next level.”

As he continually perfects his practice of Muay Thai, he finds inspiration in Thai fighters such as Buakaw Por Pramuk, Kaew Fairtex and others. He credits a big part of his success to his trainers Kru Ray Cruz and Kru Joe Bumanlag as they increase his knowledge of Muay Thai as well as providing guidance in his day to day life. Combine that with his parents support and hard work ethic as well as his sister’s positive attitude and confidence, he continues to have the strength,confidence and attitude to never give up!

Ognjen enjoys the laid back atmosphere of his gym, North Jersey Muay Thai. “We are tough guys without being “tough guys” - if that makes sense!” Everyone is helpful and always looking to lend a hand. He trains exactly the way Thais train, the art of 8 limbs, in Thailand. “That is the only way we at North Jersey Muay Thai know”. When preparing for a fight, Ognjen usually begins training 4-5 weeks before and sticks to a typical “Thai” regimen. Running, bag work, pad work and conditioning. His advice to new fighters is to be prepared for a lot of strenuous work and conditioning. Go above and beyond in everything you do, watch videos of other great professional fighters. Analyze what they do, how they do it and try to replicate it during your own workouts.

When Ognjen isn’t training, he enjoys art and makes his living as a graphic designer. “I draw almost every day and once in a while pick up a brush to paint when I have time.”

At the age of 25, Ognjen has over 30 amateur and professional Muay Thai fights and won the Amateur ISKA 135lb Title. His winning record as an amateur has continued in his professional career with all of his professional wins coming by early stoppage. Ognjen hopes his professional MT career will continue on the same path that will eventually lead to a championship match.

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