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Simon ‘Bad Buoy' Marcus
Toronto, Canada

They say your destiny is defined by the choices that you make. Destiny was with Simon Marcus when he chose to check out a Thai boxing school, leading him to clean up his act and give himself over 100% to Muay Thai. That decision altered his path, causing him to surrender himself to the Siam No 1 Gym in Toronto under the tutelage of notable Ajahn Such art and find the motivation to work through his previous issues with authority. After only three years Marcus accumulated an undefeated professional record of twenty-two wins and seventeen knockouts. He is known in the Muay Thai community as being powerful, precise and captivating. Marcus attributes his work ethic to training with the preeminent Thai Boxer, Buakaw Banchamek, now a close friend of his. The two developed a strong bond when Marcus spent an enviable 8 months training with Buakaw in Thailand.

Other accolades included winning the 2009 WKA North American Champion, at Friday Night Fights, the World Muay Thai Amateur Gold 2007, and Silver 2008 in Thailand. Additionally, Simon is the Current 2012 WMPF world champion and has had some memorable fights with some of the biggest names in Thai Boxing, even scoring a recent win in his highly anticipated rematch with Joe Schilling. This ‘Bad Buoy” is a bad ass Muay Thai fighter and our Fighter of the Month.

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