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Sean Hinds
New York, NY

Now 38, Sean Hinds began his martial arts training at age 25. He is currently a professional Muay Thai fighter who holds such prestigious titles as the WKA and ISKA amateur national titles and the Intercontinental WBL title. English by birth, Hinds moved to New York in 1995 “for a change.” He got started with his training at The Wat with Kru Phil Nurse when he went with a friend, liked the training, and decided he wanted to lose some weight. Now a strong 165, Hinds is a professional competitor of the highest class. When asked what made him want to start competing, Hinds recalls, “I got thrown in the deep end. I was asked to compete after six months of training and said, ‘Why not?’” Now Hinds has had, altogether, over thirty fights. His goal is to compete for a world title, and he aims to “give everything I’ve got to each fight.” He says he has to mess around a bit, but that this helps him get through the strenuous demands of his training. The demands for each and every fight include a hard 6 week process: “I do a lot of running and cardio two weeks, then I do intense work with a trainer…pad work, sparring, conditioning—about two and a half hours a day.” Fortunately, Sean is attached to the gym in which he spends so much time, noting that it’s a nice place with a good atmosphere, a good trainer, and many teammates who are always ready to give a hand. Aside from his current coach and teammates, Hinds cites former WKA US Professional Ring Sports Representative Edge Brown—one of his first three training partners—as one of his heroes in the martial arts world. Sean give special thanks to “everyone who has helped me and put up with all my BS!” He adjures new or potential fighters not to get into competition unless they are prepared to give everything to it: “Don’t do it! If you’re going to do it, be prepared to leave your soul in there after training. If it’s for you, give one hundred and ten percent!”.

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