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Brandon Mickens
Richmond, VA

Quiet and soft-spoken, one would never expect hard-hitting knockout combinations from Team Combat’s Brandon Mickens. A native of Richmond, VA, Mickens has an impressive amateur record of 18-6, with one win by KO. This light welterweight is known for his impressive setups and combinations, not just his power shots. He is a two-time WKA North American Champion as well as an Eastern Regional Champion. More recently, at the June 16, 2009 Mayhem fight card in New York, Mickens won the WKA World Title, though walking through the airport on the way home, this modest fighter seemed utterly unaware of all the notice attracted by his big new title belt. Trainer Brian Crenshaw notes that Mickens is one of the few fighters who does everything he is told regarding his training and only ever has to be told once. Self-directed, Mickens is known for coming into the gym and getting his own workout started without any pushing or urging from coaches. Brandon began martial arts with forays into Tae Kwon Do at age 12. Later, wanting to get in shape, he took up Muay Thai. He reached his goal admirably, dropping over fifty pounds. Watching K-1 and boxing on ESPN gave him the thirst to compete. He admires fighters who are always ready to fight, no matter what—a trait Mickens emulates; it is rare that a month goes by that Brandon doesn’t have a fight coming up. He also admires fighters with great conditioning who fight every second of every round, which he also emulates, pressing the action and keeping busy during every round with combos. To train for a fight, this champion does a good deal of running—28-30 miles per week with additional interval training on the treadmill. He also exhausts himself in the gym with bagwork, padwork, Dutch-style training, and sparring. Despite the hours and hours of hard work he puts into his art, Mickens styles himself “Part Time”—“because I work part time, go to school part time, and train part time.” When he can find some quiet time in the midst of so many activities, Brandon plays his X-Box 360 and goes fishing with his uncle. Keep an eye on the WKA news page for upcoming exciting title fights from this tireless fighter!








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