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North Jersey Muay Thai
North Jersey, NJ

North Jersey Muay Thai started from humble beginnings. They subleased space in a wrestling and martial arts schools and offered a very limited schedule a few times a week. For the first few years, their classes consisted of a few dedicated individuals who were looking for something new. They still remember the first time they reached their “lofty” goal of having ten people in class, and thought they were “packed”. Those lean years helped the coaches at North Jersey Muay Thai develop a training program and a style all their own. Wanting to stay as close to authentic Muay Thai as possible, they set high standards and hoped people would come around. Today North Jersey Muay Thai offers classes five days a week, and is proud to have a much larger membership that appreciates the time and thought put into teaching them the sport.

Head coaches Ray Cruz and Joe Bumanlag began studying Muay Thai in 1996 under the tutelage of Kru Nestor Marte from New York City. They first traveled to Thailand in 1998 where Kru Nestor introduced them to Ajarn Prasit Thang Dong. They trained under Ajarn Prasit at Khai Muay Saktaywan in Bangkok. Ever since then, their love and passion for the sport has grown. Ray and Joe also trained at other camps like Fairtex in San Francisco, under Bunkerd and Jongsanan, as well as Eminent Air Gym in Bangkok. They try to stay true to their roots as much as possible while constantly updating the skills needed to keep current with how Muay Thai has evolved today.

 Coach John Wolcott began practicing Muay Thai in 2005. In 2007 he took his first trip to Thailand to train at Kaewsamrit Gym. It was during that trip when he developed a strong attraction for the Thai culture and a deep passion to further expand his understanding of the sport. Since that time, John has returned to Thailand every year to train at notable gyms such as Eminent Air and Sangmorakot. In 2009, he started coaching at North Jersey Muay Thai under their guidance.

North Jersey Muay Thai has 3 amateur champions (Liam Tarrant, Chris Schilling and Ruby Calabrese) and another former amateur champion who has recently turned professional (Ognjen Topic). They have fighters who are more well-known and more visible than others, but they believe that it takes their whole team to contribute to their success. Therefore, they do not consider one fighter to be the “best” in their gym.

They believe that every person has his or her own strengths and weaknesses. Keeping this in mind, they train their fighters individually. The coaches at North Jersey Muay Thai help each fighter use their strengths to their advantage. Aside from dedication and commitment, they also train their fighters to use their intellect. They teach their fighters that keeping and using their heads is a safer and smoother path to success in the ring.

What makes North Jersey Muay Thai unique is the people who make up their family. It takes a village to raise a fighter and everyone in the gym contributes to each fighter’s success. Each athlete who steps in the ring has multiple sparring partners, trainers, teammates, and family members who make their efforts possible. The coaches treat everyone the same in the gym. Their advanced and intermediate students help as much with training beginners as other fighters. The whole community, in turn, comes out and supports North Jersey Muay Thai at their events. A victory for a North Jersey Muay Thai. 


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