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Sitan Gym NY
Astoria, NY

Owner: Aziz Nabih

Sitan Gyms are named after the original founder in Thailand. Little is known about the Thailand gym’s location before it closed. Sitan Gyms originally opened gyms in Morocco and Holland with one of their fighters opening Sitan Gym in NY, Aziz Nabih.

Aziz Nabih, is the New York head trainer and founder of all US Sitan Gyms in the United States. Aziz originally trained at the Sitan Gym in Morocco before continuing his training at the Sitan Gym in Holland. He has trained and fought alongside several Muay Thai legends such as Hassan Hetaki, Perry Ubeda, Abder Bchiri, Peter Aerts and Badr Hari.

Sitan Gym NY uses a beautiful mix of Dutch and Thai style to train their fighters. There has been more Thai style techniques being taught of late, due to many of their instructors and fighters making yearly pilgrimages to either 13 Coins or Sitsongpeenong training camps in Thailand.

Sitan Gym has produced many competitors and champions. There is a long list of amateur champions, some of which are Jenny Foster (former WKA Amateur North American Champion), Omar Ahmed (former WKA Amateur Intercontinental champion and WKA Amateur World Champion), Rami Ibrahim (former WKA Amateur US Champion, former WKA Professional US Champion, and current WKA Professional North American champion), Eddie Martinez (former WKA Amateur Regional champion), Sean Hinds (former WKA Amateur US champion, current WKA Professional US champion), Jay Matias (current Amateur WKA North American champion). Some of Sitan Gyms’ top rated amateur fighters have also made their way to the professional ranks of Muay Thai where they are making a name for themselves. Jay Matias, Eric Ruiz, Omar Ahmed, Rami Ibrahim, Eddie Martinez, Sean Hinds.

Sitan US has grown from its NY location to include locations in Philadelphia & Arizona. Sitan students are proud of their worldwide comradely among their students and instructors. Sitan Gym has a unique relationship with its students in that they are not required to sign a contract. Their philosophy is that training and improving your health should be a form of stress relief, not a cause of stress. “At Sitan Gym, we treat everyone as an individual and not a “customer””. While it is a business, many, if not all, will say we are one, big, worldwide family.


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