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New York, NY

Owner: Kru Phil Nurse

The stereotypical boxing gym is not known for its aesthetic appeal, but The Wat is true to it's name (Wat means "Temple" in the Thai language), and has the atmosphere of a place of worship and meditation. Maybe it's the Rose petals that float in the entry way basin, or the sacred Buddha and scent of incense in the air, or maybe it's the lovely wooden floors and exposed brick walls that
transport you for a moment. But if you pause and look closer at those walls, you'll see they're littered with championship belts won by legendary owner and head instructor Kru Phil Nurse.

When Phil created this place he certainly knew what he was doing! For anyone
interested in learning Thai Boxing, the Wat is truly a temple. They offer Thai
boxing classes for everyone from beginners through advanced students. The schedule offers enough variety and flexibility (there are classes 7 days a week) for those looking to just shed a few pounds in the addictive workouts or to satisfy those who are looking to fight train at various levels. They also offer classes in Western Boxing and The Wat is home to several golden glove champions. Rounding out the program, you can also find yoga, stretch and conditioning classes on their weekly schedule.

Phil Nurse will personally greet you with his trademark charm and welcoming
smile. He's receptive, knowledgeable, extremely deadly, and he is one of the
most sought after instructors in the world. Several UFC champions train at The Wat and work with Phil. On any given day you might catch UFC fighters George St. Pierre, Frankie Edgar or even Jon Jones jumping rope right alongside you. You
don't have to be a champ to work with Phil, he still teaches plenty of beginner classes on the schedule. Additionally, all of the instructors have trained under him and have the same passion for Muay Thai and bring their own flavor to the
classes. Visit The Wat, and see first-hand the inspired loyalty among its students.


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