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Hybrid Academy of Martial Arts
Virginia Beach, VA

Buck Grant, owner of Hybrid Academy of Martial Arts in Virginia Beach, says that his goal is to “put MMA on the map for the East Coast.”  Buck started with Frank Cucci at Linxx eight years ago, but decided he wanted to break away from the family dojo paradigm and start his own gym with more of a focus on competitive training and mixed martial arts.  He says that he and his friend Jose Roman, who helped him financially, built the school from the ground up.  Now an elite, highly competitive school, Hybrid boasts many top fighters, including Stacey Grant, Antwain Britt, Kim Smith, Phil Wyman, Robbie Huston, Chase Walden, and many more top amateurs aiming to go pro.  Hybrid offers classes in Muay Thai, Combat Submission, Wrestling, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, CrossFit, Filipino martial arts, and Judo for adults, as well as a program for kids. 

Buck himself has been training for about fifteen years, starting off with striking as an amateur Muay Thai fighter and going on to achieve his purple belt in BJJ.  He made his pro debut in MMA on December 13, 2008.  Hybrid’s other star trainer is Stacey Grant, amazingly talented in MMA, who recently made her pro debut in MMA in Florida.  Buck describes her as not only a great competitor, but a great instructor as well.  Hybrid’s MMA coach is T. C. Bobbitt, a Sombo black belt who has been coaching and training for fifteen years.  Other instructors include Eric Paulson and Scott Oates, a BJJ brown belt. 

Hybrid is known not only for its superior martial arts training, but also for its heavy emphasis on conditioning.  Coaches make use of a variety of methods, including CrossFit, weight training, high-intensity cardio, and Olympic-style training.  Grant’s pride in his school lies not only in its excellent training, but in its team mentality.  He describes a coach as a “team leader, not a high and mighty” grandmaster type.  He believes in “egoless training” where his students “fight as a team, train as a team.”

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