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Daddis Training Centers
Philadelphia, PA; Cherry Hill, NJ; Medford, NJ

BJJ black belt, retired MMA fighter, and certified Muay Thai instructor under Fairtex and Master Toddy, Brad Daddis began training in traditional martial arts at age 5. However, like many, he questioned the practicality of the arts he was learning. When he saw the first UFC in 1993, his first impulse was to learn the fighting arts that comprised the new hybrid art now called MMA. As these arts were not popular in those days, Daddis said he traveled great distances to learn arts like BJJ and Muay Thai. Though MMA soon went underground, Daddis had a hunch that it would grow—which proved to be true when Zuffa bought the UFC and revitalized it—and decided that he would open a school that would help the sport grow.

Now Daddis training centers can boast three locations, six incredibly accomplished instructors, a number of spectacular pro fighters, and about 25 amateur competitors. Rigel Balsamico is Daddis’ head Muay Thai instructor. One of the best in the country, “he fought in Thailand for the Queen’s Birthday—and he won it too!” says Daddis. Wilson Reis, Brazilian black belt, is another instructor; he has fought in both Elite XC and, currently, Bellator. Sideco Honorio, another Brazilian black belt from Sao Paolo, is the school’s main BJJ coach and will soon debut in WEC. To help with Daddis’ MMA program, John Carson, an Olympic alternate, coaches wrestling as well. In addition, Daddis has two instructors who have both appeared on WKA cards and held WKA titles: Justin Greskiewicz—“one of the best Muay Thai fighters in the country at his weight class—and Matt Makowsky, who fights MMA in Bellator. Alongside the gym’s main instructors are many top fighters who contribute to the team, including pro fighters Jeff Cressman and Jackson Galka, a 2008 WKA North American Champion.

Brad Daddis’ philosophy is that all of his competitors need to be well-rounded and highly conditioned. “You’ll never see our guys out of shape,” says Daddis, discussing his intense conditioning program, which includes a kettelbell workout. In addition to learning the basics, Brad travels the country training with top fighters so that he can bring back special tactics to his team to give them the edge with additional knowledge. Of his fight team, he says, “Whatever we tell them, they do it—we train hard but safe.”
Daddis believes that what sets his gym apart is its excellence in every art taught. Rather than having one strong core program and several weaker additions, Daddis Training Centers employ only the best to teach every art. Coaches are well-rounded, but they are also highly specialized in their particular arts. Each instructor has reached the highest level of competition for his particular martial art. The students, as well as the instructors, “prove it, whether in the ring, in the cage, or on the mat.”

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