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Bangkok Boxing Fitness
Atlanta, GA

Bangkok Boxing derives its prestige primarily from its owner and founder, Khunpon Dechkampu, internationally recognized as one of the world's top Muay Thai talents. Khunpon first began honing his skills as the eight year old prodigal son of a family whose heritage lay deeply intertwined with the art of Muay Thai. Winning his first fight at the young age of nine by way of knockout in the third round, his development as a fighter continued at the gym where it began: at home with a trainer known nationally for molding over ten champions and known locally as a father who inspired perfection. Within ten years of his first entrance into to the ring, Khunpon had become one of the most well known boxers in Bangkok and had moved to another gym only to become the first of many superstars of the highly touted Kaewsemrit boxing stable. After capturing numerous national titles and dominating the competition in multiple weight classes at both Rajadamnern and Lumpinee stadium during his teenage years, Khunpon then went on to capture his first of four world titles at age twenty one. A reputation defined by skill and punctuated with success has given him the opportunity to train, compete, and teach internationally. With over 200 fights to his name, Khunpon is now the head instructor and owner of Bangkok Boxing Fitness.

After about fourteen years of instruction at different gyms such as Knuckleup Fitness, two years ago, Khunpon decided to set out on his own and get his own place, so to speak. Under his tutelage, many highly qualified instructors and fighters have moved up the ranks. Top among them is Chike Lindsay-Ajudua. With a record of 14-1 for professional Muay Thai and 1-0 for professional MMA, Chike holds many titles, beginning with his win of the 2006 WKA North American Amateur Combat Sports Championships, he also then won another WKA North American amateur title as well as a WKA Eastern Regional Title. Most recently in the organization, Chike has taken the WKA Super Welterweight North American Professional Title. Teaching the grappling and MMA side of the game for Bangkok Boxing is Dr. James Soetebeer, a well-rounded martial artist with black belts in numerous arts who got his black belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu from Professor Kazeka Muniz (a 3rd degree under Carlos Gracie) in 2007. Bangkok Boxing can also boast pro Muay Thai fighter Steven Richard, who is well-known on the WKA circuit of events with wins over Sean Yarborough and England’s Colin Farricker. The gym’s up-and-coming amateurs include Paul Tran, Chris Arp, and Dearce Goodman.

Like many gyms, Bangkok Boxing focuses on padwork, bagwork, and sparring to train its fighters. However, as an added advantage, Troy Quick of “Quick Fit Body Systems” provides strength and conditioning training which Chike has utilized for his last three fights and says “has helped big time.” In addition to Muay Thai, Fitness Thai Kickboxing, BJJ, and MMA, Bangkok Boxing Fitness’s repertoire also includes yoga, Pilates, and weight training.

In addition to the gym, Khunpon’s fighters have the advantage of the fight show also run by Khunpon and sanctioned by WKA USA, Bangkok Fight Night. In a culture of growing MMA popularity, Bangkok Fight Night cards give opportunity also to Muay Thai fighters, both professional and amateur.


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