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Gym 445
San Francisco, CA

Edgerton “Edge” Brown had long been a star in the ranks of the WKA before he opened his gym, Gym 445, in San Francisco, California. Brown is a former British, European, and World WKA champion and had been teaching in England for twenty years before moving to the US to take his appointed position as the US Professional Ring Sports Representative.

Training fighters out of various gyms in the San Francisco area, Brown finally decided it was time to open his own gym in partnership with one of the five US Champions he has trained, Bebe Etzler, also an instructor at the gym. In addition, Brown has brought on board Brazilian black belt under the Gracie System Alex Ferreira to run the gym’s BJJ program.

The main impetus for the gym was Brown’s desire to spread the art of Muay Thai and to make it more popular in the US. With a good deal already going on in New York, Brown was the first trainer in California to bring West Coast fighters to the WKA’s Amateur North American Combat Sports Championships.

At Gym 445, one can expect to find traditional Muay Thai training, including pad work, bag work, and timing drills. For conditioning, students use circuit training, calisthenics, and running.

Asked what makes his gym unique, Edge answers that diversity brings the gym much value. “Our students come from all different nationalities, all walks of life—we have lawyers and construction workers.” Edge has trained many professional champions such as Sean Hinds, Andrew Brown, Steve Milles, and Bebe Etzler and this year, he looks forward to sending fighter Andrew Moy to Scotland to compete in the WKA’s Amateur World Championships.

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