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September 1, 2009

To say Anthony Morrison has fought for everything he has is an understatement. This is a fighter that has literally put his belongings and dreams in a duffle bag and left town to get off the rough streets of Philly. Coming off of impressive wins over Kevin Roddy and Tim Troxel, Anthony “Antmo” Morrison will fight the biggest fight of his career when he faces former WEC star and American Top Team standout Micha Miller at Shine fights on September 4th. We sat down with “Antmo” to talk about his upcoming fight.

SuckerPunch: How do you feel about facing Micha Miller?

Anthony Morrison: I think Micha is a great fighter and I am ready to fight him.

SP: We have heard rumblings that people are wondering why you are even on this card and that you are not on Micha’s level. How does that make you feel?

AM: People can say what they want, I’m ready for this fight. The more they talk the more pressure Micha has on him.

SP: If you win this fight do you feel you should get a shot at the WEC?

AM: I’m not looking passed this fight but if Mr. Shelby gave me the shot I would not disappoint.

SP: How has your training been going?

AM: Great, this is the most focused and in shape I have ever been. I hope they have been watching tape on me cuz I aint that fighter anymore… not by a long shot.

SP: What do you mean?

AM: I mean my game has evolved… I never even thought I would be the type of fighter I am now.

SP: Has it been hard being away from family for so long?

AM: It’s been very hard on me and on my family at times. I am living out of my bags and often wonder if this dream is ever going to happen for me. The pressure can get so great that I sometimes wonder if I can keep it going. I know there is no future for me or my family if I stay in Philly right now so I am driven by that to make it.

SP: How do you see the fight going?

AM: I have a game plan and all I need to do is stay on it. I’m not a trash talker so all I will say is I’m ready to take this fight wherever it needs to go and I am very focused and very determined.

SP: Any last words?

AM: I would like to thank my coach, Kru Brian Crenshaw and my team at Combat Sports Center. I would like to thank Shine for giving me the chance to fight in their show and I promise that on Sept 4th I am bringing a fight to Shine.

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