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September 10, 2010

Undisputed – September 10, 2010 – Liverpool, NY

The question lurking in everyone’s mind after Friday Night’s UNDISPUTED event, was “How can they top this?!”

The Upstate New York-based Lace Up Promotions proudly hosted an historic Muay Thai/Kickboxing event in Liverpool, NY on September 10th, held at the Holiday Inn. The 12 fight card featured some of the area’s top talent, along with several out of town camps. Instead of just one big main event, the event promoted four huge fights! “With the kind of talent, skill, and reputation these four fights encompassed, it was only fitting to have them each as a main event,” promoter Amer Abdallah stated.

Results from the undercard bouts were:

  • Frank Scalzo (Lockport, NY) winner by Unanimous decision over Brad Graham (Beaverton, Ontario)

  • Mellissa Peck (Liverpool, NY) winner by Unanimous decision over Janice Lyn (Toronto, Canada)

  • Eric Pulmeri (Lockport, NY) winner by 2nd round TKO over Omar Samid (Kitchener, Ontario)

  • Damien Brown (Toronto, Canda) winner by 1st round KO over Hank Rowland (Clay, NY)

  • Matt Bordonaro (Lockoport, NY) winner by Unanimous Decision over Dylan Sullivan (Liverpool, NY)

  • Kevin VanNostrad (Liverpool, NY) winner by 3rd round TKO over Carter Mcghie (Beaverton, Ontario)

  • Audey Ashkar (Liverpool, NY) winner by 1st round TKO over Brendan Zinc (Kitchener, Ontario)

  • Josh Fitzimmons (Toronto, Canada) winner by Unanimous Decision over Patrick Lobsinger (Beaverton, Ontario)

That set the stage for the four main events of the night. Starting the action off was Lockport, NY’s Mike “Handz of War” Moyer facing Cicero, NY’s Jeff Sgarlata. Sgarlata, a head instructor of a local martial arts school had decided after 25 years of being out of the ring, to give it one more shot. At 43 years of age, his students, friends and family were on hand to applaud him for such valor and bravery facing the experienced and dangerous Moyer. From the opening bell, Moyer tactfully kept Sgarlata away with long front kicks followed by straight jabs. It seemed as if Sgarlata’s game plan was to counter the tall southpaw’s attack with big right hands. Early in the 2nd round, Sgarlata finally caught Moyer, nearly ending the fight, and brought the crowd to their feet. Moyer used his experience to get away and get back to gaining points by fighting a tactful fight. At the end of 3 rounds, all 3 judges had it in favor of Mike “Handz of War” Moyers. Even after taking a loss in the ring, everyone in attendance stood and saluted the brave Sgarlata for his courage and performance. In the end, both warriors emerged victorious. “I was amazed that Jeff took a fight at this stage of his career. He’s a respected, tough martial artist with amazing credentials. After this fight, I truly believe he has gained much more respect among his student body and supporters. What a warrior!” stated Abdallah.

The next big fight staged Lockport, NY’s Corey “The Story” Webster against tough Canadian Daniel Qubrossi. Webster, coming off of a huge win in Lockport was anxious to get back in the ring. Although Qubrossi was the younger, fresher fighter, Webster had confidence that his experience and skill would persevere. Qubrossi came out throwing sharp combinations that were carefully avoided by Webster. Timing them just right,

Webster was able to counterpunch effectively and slow Qubrossi down. The end came at the end of the first round, with Webster delivering a solid roundhouse kick to the ribcage of Qubrossi, which floored the durable Canadian. The referee ended the bout, declaring Webster victorious.

Next up was the highly anticipated bout between Canada’s John Vukoje and Carlos “Showtime” Tearney of Syracuse, NY. Tearney was scheduled to fight on Lace Up Promotions’ last event in Syracuse, but was cancelled after his opponent weighed in, due to a medical condition. At the weigh ins, which were conducted at Sharkey’s Eclectic Lounge, the crowd knew Tearney was in for a fight when Vukoje took his shirt off. At 38 years of age, he looked impressive, durable and very fit. As they squared up Tearney’s determination was evident. The following day at the fight, you could feel the tension in the air as both fighters entered the ring. Two massive athletes in phenomenal shape were about to engage in combat. From the opening bell, Tearney used his extensive martial arts experience to keep Vukuje away and give him various angles. Tearney fought a smart fight by keeping the stocky Canadian at bay and away from him. In the second round, SHOWTIME threw the shot of the night—a jump spinning heel kick that landed flush on Vukoje’s chin and droped him to the mat. The crowd erupted as Tearney walked to a neutral corner. Much to everyone’s surprise, Vukoje shook it off, got up, and continued to fight! But after 3 rounds, all 3 judges had it unanimous…Carlos “Showtime” Tearney as the winner.

In the final bout of the night, which everyone had been anticipating, Liverpool’s golden boy, Jim Andrello took on professional MMA warrior, Jay “The Assassin” Ellis. Andrello, coming off of a 2nd round KO to capture the WKA East Coast title, had been waiting for a big fight and a credible opponent. He got exactly what he wanted with Ellis, and had his hands full. With over 60 professional MMA bouts, Ellis was determined to shock the Syracuse crowd, and give Andrello his first career loss. As Jim Andrello entered the ring, all 1,200+ fans stood to their feet to greet their hometown hero. “It was so loud, I was afraid nobody would hear the introductions,” one official stated. As both fighters were introduced the crowd settled down and began to appreciate the fight they were about to witness. From the opening bell both athletes respected each other’s power and experience as they jabbed and kept each other at bay. Andrello opened up the excitement with a big right hand that brought the crowd to their feet once again. Ellis used his experience to circle Andrello to try to use his powerful right hand. Andrello’s experience was apparent as he took the big right hand away by moving to his right and chopping at it with strong kicks. Midway through the round, Andrello threw a powerful right roundhouse that caught Ellis flush on the elbow. It was apparent that Andrello was hurt, but shook it off without incident. The second round picked up the action, as Ellis came out and jumped on Andrello with a barrage of punches and kicks. Again, Andrello was able to dodge the majority of the shots, and counter with effective combinations. As the fight progressed, Andrello’s game plan was becoming more and more obvious. He was exchanging with Ellis in areas of the ring that he chose, and circled away only to walk Ellis into more shots. Throughout the five rounds, Ellis couldn’t make the necessary adjustments, and it seemed as if Andrello was going to put the Milwaukee native away. At one point in the fourth round, Andrello landed the punch of the fight, with a big right hand landing flush on Ellis’ chin. Ellis grabbed on to the rope for dear life, and was just saved by the bell. After 5 tactful rounds of combat, all 3 judges had it unanimous for the pride of LaVallee’s Black Belt Champion, Jim Andrello.

Attending the event were Lace Up Promotions guests, “Baby” Joe Mesi, Boxing hall of famer Ray Rinaldi, and Local Edge CEO Jeff Folckemer.

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