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Joe Taylor

First name: Joe
Last name: Taylor
Address: 30 Pint Street 2nd Floor City: Lockport
State:NY Zip: 14094 Country: USA
Phone: 716.249.9990
Email: JTSonOfALegend@gmail.com
Date of Birth: 3/28/1984 Weight: 205lbs Height: 5’11 Male
Gym: JT’s MMA
Trainer: Corey Webster, Kendrick Houston
Gym Address: 30 Pine Street 2nd Floor City:Lockport
State: NY Zip: 14094 Country: USA
Gym Phone:( 716) 249.9990
Gym Email: JTSonOfALegend@gmail.com Gym Website: https://joetaylorboxing.com/
How long have you been with this gym? 5 years
How long have you studied martial arts? 8 years martial arts (Started training in boxing at age 6)

1. What is the primary style of martial arts or fighting you practice? “Striking”.
2. What other styles do you or have you practiced? “Ju Jitsu, Boxing, K1 and Glory rules kickboxing”.
3. How old were you when you started training martial arts? “About 6 years old”.
4. What got you into martial arts in the first place? “My father Pro Boxer Johnny Taylor”.
5. What made you want to start competing? “My father’s passing; he always wanted to see me compete”.
6. Who are your heroes in the martial arts world? “UFC’s Jon Jones”.
7. Who are your heroes outside of the martial arts world? “My 6 children, 3 boys, 3 girls”.
8. What are your current goals? “To go one and compete for Bellator”
9. Tell us a little about your gym, coaches, and teammates? “We’re the only MMA gym in Lockport; all of the coaches are former fighters; can’t thank my teammates enough for their support”.
10. How do you train for a fight? “I train pretty hard; my team and I watch footage of my opponents and come up with a game plan to execute during the fight”
11. What do you do for a living? “Personal trainer and coach at my gym”.
12. What else besides martial arts do you do for enjoyment? “Spending time with my family; camping, hiking and all of the family first activities you can think of”.
13. Any exciting upcoming fights you’re looking forward to? “Not at the moment, I broke my arm in the second round of my last fight was still able to k.o. my opponent in the 4th round and win my first World title”.
14. What makes your style or training unique? “I go hard. I’m a striker, and once I’m fighting I’m not stopping for anyone or anything”.
15. What’s your advice for new fighters? “Never give up, continue fighting, and put in your ‘road work’.”

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