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Angela Hill
Queens, NY

Fighter of the Month—Angela Hill
Angela Hill, of Evolution Muay Thai, New York, can thus far boast quite a rarity—both an undefeated amateur career of 14 wins and a blossoming professional career of one win so far. She’s come a long way from her very first fight at the WKA 2010 North American tournament, winning the Novice Muay Thai division at -110 pounds to winning her pro debut by unanimous decision on Lions Fights out in Vegas back in November.

Thus far, Hill has competed in Muay Thai, although more recently, she has been adding Jiu-Jitsu and wrestling to her training regimen, hoping to secure an MMA fight soon. Though her first love was Muay Thai, and she recognizes the possibilities in such largely popular promotions as Lions Fights and Glory Promotions, Angela also sees the popularity MMA has gained, and with a -115 pound weight class added into the UFC lately, she wants to seize every opportunity she can to make a name for herself.

She began her training just to get in a workout and to find something to keep her interest. Like many martial artists, she found herself addicted to the training and the sport. Sparring, she noticed herself catching up to more advanced teammates who had formerly given her a run for her money. At this point, she thought, “I might be all right at it.” When her coach Brandon Levi offered her the opportunity to fight at WKA North Americans, she was excited. After a few wins, she decided, not unreasonably, that she was good at it, and to her opponents’ detriment, decided to keep going. Her training naturally (though with much hard work) evolved from a hobby to a very successful full time professional fight career.

Angela’s goals are ever-evolving with new opportunities presenting themselves and new avenues opening up. One constant goal she has maintained, though, has been to make a name for herself. She wants to be someone others can look back on and say, “She was a great fighter.”

Hill notes that her gym, coach, and teammates all play a pivotal role in her training. Coach Brandon Levi sets the tone for the gym: he’s fun-loving and nonchalant, but, Hill says, “When it’s time to work, we work!” She appreciates that he and her fellow teammates take her just as seriously as her male counterparts, pushing her just as hard, respecting her just as much, and supporting her, always coming out en masse to cheer her on at her fights. She stresses to new fighters that these factors cannot be taken too lightly. It is most important, Hill feels, to find a gym that’s a good fit so that a new fighter is comfortable and will stay consistent with his or her training. She says that one must make sure that one can look up to the other fighters at the gym. Also, she notes wryly that as fighting is rarely a money-maker, a fighter must do it for the passion of the sport: “it keeps you going when you just want to put your gloves down and give up.”

Angela’s personal style of training and fighting is to “really put myself out there” and train as hard as she can. She considers herself an aggressive fighter, but unlike others, she has the stamina to keep up the aggression and push the pace the whole fight, using her power to frustrate her opponent.

We look forward to seeing Angela’s upcoming fight on February 28 at the Broadstreet Ballroom in New York on Friday Night Fights, in which she will be fighting a professional Full Rules Muay Thai 5-round fight against Canadian opponent Ashley Nichols-Kew.


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