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Bobby Campbell
Amityville, NY

Campbells Karate and Kickboxing
740 Merrick Road
Amityville, NY

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The WKA is proud to recognize The Fighter of The Month Bobby 'Jackhammer' Campbell.

Bobby Campbell, fighting out of Coupage, Long Island has had a storied 19 year career in the world of kickboxing and martial arts.

Having started training 30 years ago at the age of four years old Bobby's primary fighting expertise is full contact kickboxing with some experience in US boxing.

On Sunday August 13th, Campbell victoriously retired from active competition with a pro boxing record of 4 wins, 3 loses and 2 draws, he retires with a pro kickboxing record of 37 wins 5 loses and 1 draw.

Bobby credits his strong family relationship with his father and brother for first introducing him to the world of kickboxing.

Bobby's brother Tom Campbell an orange belt in karate introduced Bobby to a karate training gym at the age of four. Bobby stated that karate wasn't for him because he would always be disqualified from tournaments for hitting to hard.

Eventually following the sport of kickboxing and boxing with his father and through a strong bond with brother Tom, Bobby pursued a career under Chris Cardona training for 13 years straight at Bellmore kickboxing.

During his time in active competition Bobby has amassed an impressive seven world titles in three different weight classes including the WKA world super welterweight title the USKBA world title and the ISKA Intercontinental title respectively.

Bobby says his heroes growing up were Arturo Godey 'blood and guts' warrior and his father Tom Campbell.

Bobby during this time followed his passion for training in martial arts successfully opening his own gym Campbell's Karate and Kickboxing of Long Island.

Bobby is also a successful kickboxing promoter promoting the positively received Jackhammer Promotions events throughout the calendar year sanctioned by the WKA.

Now that Bobby is completely retired from active competition he looks to actively promote even more Jackhammer Promotions events and also redo the Campbell's kickboxing and karate gym for future endeavors.

Bobby would also like to take the time out in being recognized as the WKA fighter of the month to thank Ray Longo's LAW MMA gym "No egos in that gym says Bobby "welcoming team" and they "treated him like family while they got him ready for his last fight".

Campbell's training for his last fight entailed a regiment of 10 week of training six days a week, two to three times a day.

If Bobby could impart any advice to all perspective fighters thinking of training and pursuing a career in the martial arts he tells them to "always follow your dreams and never let anyone tell you you can't do anything".

Congratulations to you Bobby Campbell "martial arts is life" and you are the WKA fighter of the month!


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