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Christian Humberto
Magdalena del Mar - Lima

First name: Christian
Last name: Humberto
Address: Jr. Comandante Espinar 350 Dpto 311 City Magdalena del Mar - Lima Lima Peru
Phone: +51 969 556 283
DOB: 04/SEP/1994
Weight: 155;bs
Height: 5’11

Gym: El Dogo Training Center
Trainer: Yesus “El Dogo” Moran
Gym address: Jr. General Jose Ramon Pizarro 788 Lima Peru
Gym phone: +1 (786) 303-7403
Gym email: dogotrainingcenter@gmail.com

The WKA is proud to recognize Christian Humburto Ramirez as the first fighter of the month in this our new year.

At 25 years old fighting out of Lima Peru, Ramirez has trained at EL Dogo training center for the past two years.

Having trained in mixed martial arts since the age of 15 Ramirez touts an impressive amateur MMA record of 4 wins and no losses and a stellar professional MMA record of 18 wins and 7 losses and 1 No contest with 13 of these victories being attained by (T) K.O or submissions.

Most recently on December 20, 2019 Ramirez emerged victorious from Coppa Combate‘s 8 man single elimination Tournament Championship besting three international opponents on his way to being crowned Copa Combate Tournament champion and winning a $100,000 grand prize!

In addition to MMA, his primary style of fighting Ramirez is proficient in Luta Livre, grappling and Muay Thai.

Ramirez‘s journey into the world of competition happened accidentally. He was invited to a free class and since then hasn’t stopped.

In regards to his coaches and trainers Ramirez stated “My coaches Yesus Moran and Renzo Banchero are my trainers at Dogo training Center gym where all the training is cultivated with a specific strategies depending on the fight. I am very happy to be a part of this team

Ramirez went on to state that ”I am 100% involved in MMA”; besides fighting for enjoyment Ramirez enjoys family trips and hanging out with his friends.

Not withstanding the big win at Coppa Combate’s Tournament Championship last month, Humburto Ramirez is no stranger to championship gold. Having attained the FFC featherweight championship in 2015, the Redemption Fighters Featherweight championship in 2016 and the FFC Grand Prix Tournament Championship in November 2019.

On February 21 Humburto Ramirez will return to COPA COMBATE in Mexicali, B.C., Mexico competing for the Combate Americas Lightweight Championship as he steps in the ring to do combat with the undefeated defending champion Rafa Garcia.

This will arguably be the single biggest fight in Combat America’s history between two young rival superstars in what has become one of the strongest and most competitive weight divisions.

Humburto‘s advice for any new fighters is to “train hard, believe and follow your dreams, don’t stop until you achieve them. You’ll see that all the sacrifices you did will have good results”.

Congratulations from all of us at the WKA to the very first fire of the month of 2020 Christian Humburto Bandenay Ramirez!

Last Three Fights
Date/Location Type/Division Result
1) 20/12/2019 MMA/Lightweight WIN
2) 20/12/2019 MMA/Lightweight WIN
3) 20/12/2019 MMA/Lightweight WIN

Titles (list titles and date won)

Copa Combate Tournament Championship – 12/20/2019
FFC Grand Prix Tournament Championship – 11/13/2019
Redemption Fighters Featherweight Championship – 11/24/2016
FFC Featherweight Championship – 12/16/2015

1. What is the primary style of martial arts or fighting you practice?

I started training Mixed Martial Arts, I don’t have a primary style.

2. What other styles do you or have you practiced?

Luta Livre, Wrestling, Muay Thai

3. How old were you when you started training martial arts?

I was 15 when I started training MMA.

4. What got you into martial arts in the first place?

Accidentally. I wanted to taste the adrenaline and be the best.

5. What made you want to start competing?

I was invited to a free class, and since that year I didn’t stop.

6. Who are your heroes in the martial arts world?

Don’t have any heroes. I’m my own hero.

7. Who are your heroes outside of the martial arts world?


8. What are your current goals?

Be the world’s champion in the mixed martial arts’ world.

9. Tell us a little about your gym, coaches, and teammates?

My coaches Yesus Moran, Renzo Banchero. I train in Dogo Training Center gym where all the trainings are thug with and specific strategy depending of the fight. I’m very happy to be part of this team.

10. How do you train for a fight?

Very hard, two times a day, following an strategic plan.

11. What do you do for a living?

I’m 100% involved in MMA.

12. What else besides martial arts do you do for enjoyment?

Family trip, hang out with my friends.

13. Any exciting upcoming fights you’re looking forward to?

Feb 21st, for the Combate Americas Lightweight Championship.

14. What makes your style or training unique?

I’m a unique fighter, very aggressive.

15. What’s your advice for new fighters?

Train very hard, believe and follow your dreams don’t stop until you achieve them. You’ll see that all the sacrifice you did, will have good results.

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