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Gary Mack

First name: Gary
Last name: Mack
Address: 1706 Brightseat Rd City: Landover
State:MD Zip: 20785 Country: USA
Date of Birth: 12/28/1983 Weight: 180lbs Height: 6í1 Male
Gym: Level Up
Trainer: Jason Farrell
Gym Address: 9901 Business Pkwy Suite D MD 20706 City:Lanhan
State: MD Zip: 20706 Country: USA
Gym Phone:(240) 206-8505
Gym Email: frontdesk@levelupgym.com Gym Website: https://www.levelupgym.com/

1. What is the primary style of martial arts or fighting you practice? Kickboxing/ muay thai
2. What other styles do you or have you practiced? Boxing
3. How old were you when you started training martial arts? 22 years old
4. What got you into martial arts in the first place? To stay outta trouble
5. What made you want to start competing? Honestly just like to fight
6. Who are your heroes in the martial arts world? Jon Jones , Conor McGregor
7. Who are your heroes outside of the martial arts world? Russell Westbrook LeBron James Marshawn lynch J. Cole
8. What are your current goals? In all honesty...making a new list now
9. Tell us a little about your gym, coaches, and teammates? My gym is a good place, good people, really hard working teammates and coach.
10. How do you train for a fight? Hard, Consistently and smartly.
11. What do you do for a living? Iím a building supervisor.
12. What else besides martial arts do you do for enjoyment? Relax with my family, Play video games and watch battle rap and anime!
13. Any exciting upcoming fights youíre looking forward to? Not at the moment
14. What makes your style or training unique? I just feel you can put my style in any combat sport and it will work out for me.
15. Whatís your advice for new fighters? Train hard, train smart...make sure this is really what you want to do; this is a dangerous life we live.

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