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The WKA USA Representative: Brian Crenshaw

Brian Crenshaw has been involved in formal martial arts classes since 1972. He received his first Black Belt in 1976 in an American Open Karate/Kickboxing system, his second in 1979 in Shotokan Karate and also a 1st Kyu (Brown Belt with one stripe) in Kyokushin Karate in 1984. In 1983, Crenshaw’s dream came true when he attended his first of many seminars with Guru Dan Inosanto. Guru Dan opened Crenshaw’s eyes to a whole new world of martial arts. He not only introduced him to Kali, but also: Muay Thai, Silat, Savate, Jun Fan, Shoot Fighting, and of course, the concepts of Jeet Kune Do. Under Arjan Surachai Sirisute, Crenshaw was tested and awarded his basic level instructor in 1993 and in 1995 was made a Kru (teacher of Muay Thai). A Bruce Lee fan all his life, Crenshaw was not able to study Wing Chun until 1987, where he began his lessons in the Moy Yat family system and achieved the rank of Sifu (instructor). On a recommendation, Crenshaw then moved to Atlanta exclusively to train under Sifu Fong. Sifu Fong not only taught him Wing Chun, Muay Thai and Kali, but also how to take the Wing Chun principles and concepts and blend them into his other studies. During this period of time he traveled to various locations trying his hand at K-1 style, San Shou and Muay Thai style fights. Crenshaw achieved an instructorship in Wing Chun under Sifu Fong and in Muay Thai under Ajarn Chai Surisute, but more importantly, he moved to a very different level in the martial arts. In 1994, he returned to his hometown of Richmond, Virginia, and in November of that year opened Prodigy Martial Arts Academy. Burton Richardson, whom Crenshaw met in 1996, was a major influence on his philosophy and teaching. After training with Richardson for some time, In December 1997, Sifu Burton certified Crenshaw as an Instructor in Jeet Kune Do Unlimited. In addition to his JKD training, Crenshaw has continually pursued avenues to improve his Muay Thai first as a fighter and later as a trainer. It has been his pleasure to have trained with Kru Sakasem Kanthawong, Kru Walter "Sleeper" Michalowski, and Kru Surichai Surisute. He has trained extensively with Kru Vut Kamnark to learn the ins and outs of Muay Thai. Kru Vut also encouraged him to pursue the promotional end of Muay Thai as well. With his guidance Crenshaw has successfully promoted many Muay Thai and events. He has hosted both ISKA and WKA events that featured State, Regional, US, Intercontinental and World Title matches. In 2001, he was honored by the WKA with the appointment as WKA US Representative-Amateur Muay Thai and Kickboxing. 2003 his role was increased to US Representative for both the Amateur and Professional Ring Sports Divisions of Muay Thai, MMA, Kickboxing, Full Contact and Submission Grappling. In 2004, he formed a management and promotions company and began the Combat Sports Challenge fight show and produces the WKA North American Combat Sports Championships each year for the WKA. In late 2006 Prodigy Martial Arts partnered with the principles of MOD Grappling and FX Boxing to open Combat Sports Center in the West End of Richmond, VA. Combat Sports Center developed numerous event champions and international level competitors in Muay Thai, MMA and Grappling. At Combat Sports Center, Brian Crenshaw has trained many champions at the Regional, National, and World levels as well as popularly televised fighters in such promotions as the UFC and WEC.