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The WKA Today

The WKA today enjoys great success at all levels on a global scale. It has representatives in more than 90 countries and regularly holds competitions, culminating once a year in the WKA World Championships, which involves all the amateur martial arts disciplines and styles under one set competition format. The success of the WKA can only be due to its organizational infrastructure and its democratic process, as well as its safety and fairplay guidelines.

Each member country of the WKA has a president who is responsible for that country’s implementation of the rules and regulations and for overseeing the growth and practice of the martial disciplines as a whole. The WKA has in place a rules committee, a health and safety committee, a refereeing structure, and an annual congress. The Congress discusses the many aspects of change within the sport, and it designates via the democratic principle of votes new rules and regulations, updates, and innovations within the sport as they come to light. No one person dictates what is to be done. Each member country votes upon all decisions. This is largely how the WKA has grown from the oldest existing kickboxing sanctioning body in the world into its current status and continuing success in this century.