WKA Divisions and Styles

Amateur Rules and Regulations Professional Rules and Regulations

Light Contact (LC)

Light Contact is a hybrid of Full Contact and Semicontact/Point-fighting. In contrast to the score-and-break rhythm of the semicontact bouts, the sparring is continuous without interference by the referee as long as no foul play takes place and penalties need to be awarded. Light Contact sparring demands much technical skill and a high level of stamina. It differs from Full Contact in the severity of the blows allowed: all attacks are to be executed with maximum control in Light Contact. Hard punches and kicks that could lead to knockout are not allowed.

Full Contact (FC)

Full Contact allows all classical boxing techniques and any kicks executed to the scoring area above the waist of an opponent. The matches take place in a traditional boxing ring. All attacks can be delivered with full power (hence Full Contact). Knockouts (K.O.) and technical K.O.s will result in victory if achieved by means of a legal technique.

Kickboxing (KB)

Kickboxing is another Full Contact Ringsport. In addition to all techniques allowed in Full Contact, Kickboxing also allows low kicks to the inner and outer part of the thigh.

Thaiboxing (TB) (including these variations:Thaiboxing, Muay Thai and K-1)

Thaiboxing or Muay Thai is Thailand’s national sport. It is an ancient martial art with deep cultural traditions. During the bouts, which take place in a boxing ring, fighters not only use low kicks, but also knees and elbows to an opponent’s body and head. Before every fight, competitors perform a kind of dance, the Ram Muay or Waikru. With this dance, the fighters demonstrate their absolute will to win, honour their master, and finish their warm-up.

Mixed Martial Arts (MMA)

Made popular by the UFC, MMA is one of the fastest growing sports in America. This style is a composite of striking and grappling styles. Fighters may use a variety of techniques and strategies, including boxing techniques, kicks, knees, elbows, throws, takedowns, ground control, and submission holds. MMA is typically fought in a caged area, but MMA bouts may also take place in a boxing ring. MMA fighters wear open-fingered gloves to maximize grappling ability while still allowing for striking techniques, both standing and on the ground.

Submission Grappling (SG)

Submission Grappling includes a variety of martial arts styles including Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Sombo, Judo, wrestling, and Shootfighting. It involves successfully taking down one’s opponent, attaining a dominant position on the ground, and then working toward a submission attempt such as a chokehold or armbar submission. Submission grappling matches take place on matted areas and can be won either by submission, or, if no submission occurs, by points.